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New billet casting plant and Equipments
Patented filter tube
Electromagnetic grain refine patented technology
Extrusion innovative technology


1、New equipment creates platform for new technology.
2、New technology makes the material used in more wide fields, makes the properties stronger and maximize the material value .
3、New equipment, new technology and strict quality management make GLM stronger in future.
  Advanced Equipment
1、Melting Furnace
Characteristic: Special coating on inner wall of melting furnace, unlike conventional furnace made by brick insulator.
<1.>Better heat transfer, shorter time to uniform temp.
<2.>Reduce contamination from brick due to degradation
<3.>Smooth and non-porous wall surface, less contamination due to minimized residue
2.Advantage of melting furnace with electromagnetic stirring
Uniform temperature, temperature different after stirring is 5~10℃, temperature different of conventional melting furnace is 30~50℃,Homogeneous alloying element. promotes the formation of the fine equiaxed grain structure.
Hydraulic Casting lift Flatform
Stable, Consistence speed, Easy speed control
Automatic Billet cutting Machine
Better cutting surface, Automatic chip collection
  Quality Management
1.Chemical composition of alloy will be analyzed during the alloying process in melting and after casting.
    Sampling in Furnace   Billet cut sample
2.We set up an index as acceptance standard to make composition segregation, microstructure, impurity requirements, which started industry in China.
Incomplete fusion alloy become inclusion into products   Impurity NG   Metallography OK
Automatic furnace number & alloy name printing, color coding for type of alloy, production history and traceability.
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