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Casting Billet

6061;7050;7075; 7116; 6069;2024;3003
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GLM can cast the different alloy from 1000 series to 7000 series.Diameter from 3 inches(80mm) to 13 inches(330.2mm). Casting machine working max distance is 7500-8500mm. Edge bending less than 1mm/m, length bending less than 4mm/7m; annual Equippments

1、8 Regenerative gas melting furnaces-holding furnaces(15-25T). Special coating on the inner wall of melting furnace import form USA which is the most advanced Non-stick aluminum refractory material. Has a strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant performance (aluminum oxide film in the furnace is difficult to generate, aluminum slag fall off naturally, non-stick furnace, easy cleaning, reduce the pollution of liquid aluminum in the furnace by the alumina membrane and ash );

2、Electromagnetic Stirring System (It is convenient, sufficient and uniform for stirring aluminum liquid. The stirring process does not contaminate the aluminum liquid, improve the purity of aluminium liquid);
3. With SPECTRO MAXx Spectral analyzer(German), accurate inspection for aluminium alloy element.
4、2 stage degassing system(High degassing effect can effectively remove 50-60% hydrogen in aluminum liquid);
5、2 layers filter, Tubular filtration system (aluminum liquid flow from the top 40 mesh into 50 mesh of the double layers filter, it can remove the impurities in the aluminum liquid, to guarantee the purity effectively, and then liquid flow into the horizontal tube type filter which has equipped imported international advanced high technology. The impurities above 80um in aluminum liquid are further filtered and removed, and the products meet the quality requirements of higher international standards;

6、Electromagnetic Hydraulic Semi-continuous Casting System(Uniform the chemical composition of billets, reduce the segregation, improve the mechanical performance,and also the smooth and clean surface;

7. With advanced technology, one 15-ton hydraulic casting machine and three 25-ton hydraulic casting machines. The equipment runs smoothly with high control precision. The casting process is fully automatic and the casting parameters are recorded.

8.The advanced air-slide casting mould can improve the surface quality of aluminum billet and reduce the thickness of segregation layer.